Point of Sale (POS) solutions

Lightspeed Retail

Transform the way you do business with a powerful retail POS system 

Get Lightspeed Retail to maximize efficiency, drive growth and exceed customer expectations. Whether you’re just starting out or growing steadily, Lightspeed has a solution to your needs.

All the tools to run a retail business.

Manage and grow your business the way you want with a one-stop retail POS platform. From managing complex multi-store inventory to developing online sales strategies, Lightspeed has got you covered.

Choose the hardware that fits your business.

Connect Lightspeed Retail to popular scanners, registers and printers—or pick your own equipment from a collection of modern, plug-and-play hardware. 

Integrate with your favorite software.

Already working with technology you love? Integrate Lightspeed Retail with the rest of your business software, from accounting programs to loyalty or ecommerce marketing apps, and more.

Lightspeed Restaurant

The one-stop restaurant POS platform you need to succeed

Connect your front and back of house operations, simplify workflows and deliver unbeatable guest experiences with Lightspeed Restaurant. Purposely built for restaurateurs, Lightspeed Restaurant helps you manage every aspect of your business from a single screen.

Set your staff up for success

Getting started is easy and simple. Lightspeed Restaurant’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows your staff to start serving customers right away.

Add more functionality as your restaurant grows

Customize your POS with additional features to adapt to your changing needs. Lightspeed Restaurant gives you the tools you need to stay versatile in a competitive industry.

Handle the busiest shifts with innovative hardware

Navigate the peak hour hustles with Lightspeed’s sleek and compact hardware kit—or customize your bundle with individual hardware that works seamlessly with Lightspeed Restaurant.


Smartpay is the largest independently owned and operated EFTPOS provider in New Zealand, offering EFTPOS solutions to fit any business plus 24/7 technical support.


Timely exists to grow the value of the beauty industry by offering simple, affordable and reliable appointment software for small businesses. Customers get innovative business management software, award-winning customer support, education from the biggest industry names globally and peer support. Timely serves more than 50,000 service professionals in 90 countries that use the cloud-based  platform to book over 30 million appointments a year.

Timely appointment scheduling system

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