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A level of experience and integrity to see your business right

Consult Ltd, a New Zealand based company, was started by Joanna Monteith in 2005 and specialises in the implementation of accounting, inventory management, job management and Point of Sale (POS) systems.

Over the last 19 years the industry has undergone major changes and the team at Consult have kept at the forefront of those changes. As our sole focus is on the implementation, training and ongoing support of these systems we can provide a level of service unparalleled to others.

At Consult we believe that everything revolves around you, the end user, not the products we want to use.  We won't make you change to something to suit us, we just provide the best advice for your needs and preferences.

Our team undergo continuous training themselves in the systems we support and know our products inside and out. We don't do accounts or bookkeeping, so this frees us up to focus on the software in the way you would use it - Accountants, book-keepers and IT professionals all regularly refer their clients to us.

Joanna Monteith
Joanna Monteith

Our Cloud Software Partners

We integrate systems so businesses can improve their accounting, point of sale and inventory management. 

We specialise in MYOB, Xero, Vend, Kounta, Unleashed, TImely and WorkflowMax.


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