Corbin Rd: A perfect match to streamline business administration

Client: Corbin Rd
Industry: Retail


Entrepreneur Wendy Nowell-Usticke founded natural skincare brand Corbin Rd about 18 months ago, selling and marketing her 100 percent botanical face and body skincare range online.

Wendy has a Shopify e-commerce website that integrates with Xero, but as demand increases for her growing product range, she was keen to automate as many of the business administration processes such as inventory management.

“So much of my business’s costs are administration and being a start up every cent is precious.  Therefore, I wanted to automate as much of it possible as well as ensure that sensitive information was secure and find a solution that didn’t need to be revisited as the company grew”

“I struggled to find someone who had experience or advice on ‘off the shelf’ inventory management options that could talk to both Xero and Shopify. My marvellous bookkeeper, Leaine from JBSL suggested I speak to Joanna at Consult and I’m so pleased she did.”

Wendy knew as soon as she met Joanna that not only could she trust her with sensitive business information but that she would deliver on finding the best fit inventory management software as well as implementing it and providing training and support.

“I totally trust Joanna and have complete confidence that her choice, set up and future support has future proofed my growing business. Tick another job I don’t have to think about”

Joanna has now integrated all the software solutions of Shopify, Unleashed, Xero and Hubdoc so that they are talking to each other.  She has also recommended Wendy add Aider, an artificial intelligence app that will draw information from other apps to give Wendy real time advisory information to the suite.

The combination of solutions will create a powerful tool at the fraction of the cost of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. 


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