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Most businesses are operating in "the Cloud" in some form or another now.  For some it will be simply cloud based email, for others they've thrown everything at it and have numerous, if not all, systems in the cloud.  But has it been a well thought out strategy?  Often we'll find businesses using accounting software that's not the most suited to their business "because the accountant said to" or jumping from add on to add on because they're not really sure what's most suitable for them.  As cloud software specialists who have been working with these systems from the beginning (and work only on this directly with the end user) we're better placed than most accountants and bookkeepers who use the software from a different perspective.

Training will consist of an initial workshop to assist the business owner/manager to develop the skills to discover the key pain points within existing systems, pinpoint what they require for the future, learn how to assess what will suit their organisational structure/culture and the stage of the business cycle they are in. 

The workshop will be followed by regular one to one coaching sessions over the next 3 months to assist with implementation of their strategy. 

Additional training modules will be included to suit the requirements identified. 

The outcomes from this learning will be: 

  * the business owner/manager will have developed the capability to create an effective cloud based strategy for the growth of their business. 

  * the business owner/manager will be able to put into action this strategy and 

  * the business owner/manager will have the skills and confidence to move forward with the strategy 

The time commitment & investment required is: 

* Initial Workshop, 2 - 4 hours $500 + GST 

* Coaching sessions over 3 months - up to 12 hours total over that time, $550 + GST per month 

* Training modules - 2 - 4 hours $750 + GST

Please Note: This program cost does not include actual implementation of the products

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